Sign language and oral interpreters, TTY’s, and other auxiliary aids/services are available free of charge to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Anyone needing assistance please contact any Facility Personnel or the ADON office at 609-294-3200 ext. 5015 (Voice/TTY).


Our community provides a broad range of services, including subacute rehabilitation, long term care, respite, and hospice.
Our rehabilitation center accepts admissions 24/7



Subacute Rehabilitation

Subacute rehabilitation serves as a bridge between the hospital and home by way of providing care and helping patients overcome the challenges of recovering from an injury, illness or surgery. Our specialized rehabilitation program incorporates not only the facets of therapy and nursing including physical, occupational and speech therapies, but also a wide range of supplementary services that are overseen by a board certified physician of physical medicine. Our rehabilitation center has therapy services available seven days a week.



Long-Term Care

Our long-term care services assure the best care for those who need more care than available at home or an assisted living facility. Our goal in the Mystic Meadows long-term care setting is to enhance our resident’s quality of life and help them maintain physical, cognitive and psychosocial abilities with dignity.



Respite Care

Our respite program is designed for short-term stays in our community. These visits are intended to provide a break for both the resident and his or her caregiver. The respite program is available for a minimum of three days, but can be extended for as long as the resident or caregiver feels is necessary. Members of our respite program can enjoy a break from their regular routine and make new friends. Furthermore, the caregivers feel refreshed and ready to continue to provide care for their loved ones.



Hospice Care & Memory Care

When patients and their families choose hospice care, they can be sure that our compassionate staff will provide optimal care. At Mystic Meadows, we understand that these are trying times, and we commit ourselves to provide a caring and compassionate atmosphere while providing the type of care that is responsive to the needs of patients, family members and loved ones. Our hospice program consists of a team of dedicated and specially trained professionals and includes assistance to a full continuum of healthcare support.

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