Making Informed Decisions

Frequently Asked Questions

What sources of payment does Mystic Meadows accept?

We accept private pay, Medical Assistance (Medicaid), Medicare and most long term care insurance plans. For specific information, please contact the Business Office Director.

What is Medicare and will it pay for nursing home services?

Medicare is a federal health care program that is generally available to all persons over the age of 65. Medicare is divided into several parts, which cover different areas, such as hospital stays, physician services and prescriptions. Medicare does not cover most nursing home care, but it provides certain benefits for skilled nursing care. Typically, Medicare will cover a person entering a nursing home following a 3-day hospital stay. However, Medicare will only pay for a limited period of time, while the patient is receiving certain types of therapy services. For more information visit:

What is Medicaid and will it pay for nursing home services?

Medicaid, also known as Medical Assistance is a state managed health care program, which is partially funded by the federal government. Medicaid does cover nursing home services, but eligibility requirements are strict, only covering patients with limited assets and income. Medicaid applicants must apply for services through their local Department of Social Services. Our Business Office will help you with the process.

What types of information do I need to gather before admission?

Generally, you will need to provide information so that eligibility can be determined for a program such as Medicare or Medicaid. This information may include bank account records, insurance policy information and property ownership. The Business Office will provide you with a detailed list of the records needed to for the admission process.

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